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Portfolio & Program Management Support

We’re responsible for a full range of acquisition and business planning tasks, including financial planning, programming, budget & execution, program control, production & manufacturing coordination, and operations & support planning. We support program managers in the formulation of acquisition policies governing procurement activities and monitoring the adoption of acquisition policies. We support various program offices to provide overarching strategic planning, integrated financial planning, and acquisition management for all program efforts.

Portfolio & Program Management Support

Our concept of operations focuses on maximizing productivity, integration, and accountability of funding through sound management processes, policies, procedures, rules, and enabling infrastructure.

- Kenneth Michaud (Vice President)

Acquisition Management

Pioneering Evolution provides full-service acquisition and program management support for federal acquisition programs. Our experienced acquisition professionals have DAWIA Level III certifications, in addition to past experience as high-ranking acquisition professionals in major program offices. Our expertise includes the entire DoD 5000-series of processes, program planning, scheduling, performance forecasting and reporting, business/financial management, strategic planning and policy, and the development of presentations, position papers, and congressional reports.

Business Process Re-Engineering

We assist customers in developing comprehensive program and project management planning processes that encompass clearly defined tasking, business process automation, mutually agreed-upon performance-based metrics and reporting mechanisms. Our approach standardizes project plan preparation, status and financial reporting, and performance evaluations.

Business Process Re-Engineering

We exchange ideas, issues, problems, and programmatic solutions with program leadership to look for common approaches that can be leveraged across the acquisition community.

- Karen Schaffran (Director of Program Management)

Effective Solutions - Designed and Delivered

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Automated Management Solutions

PE designs and builds complex, dynamic, interactive Web applications improving program office acquisition, business processes and decision-making.

Automated Management Solutions

Our software applications have been recognized by program office executives as “game changer” solutions for effectively planning, tracking, managing and resolving a wide variety of program office issues.

- Charles O'Rourke (Director of Technology and IR&D)

Metrics & Reporting

PE has successfully streamlined data selection, collection, and presentation in support of multi-level analysis and decision making for our clients. Our team has systematically improved data selection and collection techniques by employing automation and client feedback to produce intuitive and meaningful results.

Predictive Modeling

Performance reports are great, but what’s more helpful? Knowing what’s coming. Our processes and software tools provide meaningful, unbiased, forward-looking metrics. Not only can you check that requirements are being met, you will see how well your plan is working.

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Training Support

We lead cross functional teams comprised of government, professional support services, and product developers to plan (PADDIE process) and execute training development and delivery using appropriate training solutions that effectively and efficiently meet client goals.

Training Support

Quality, focused training is critical to success, but difficult in practice to achieve. We ensure that training requirements are clearly identified and understood so that effective training is designed and delivered. This equips individuals and teams to succeed today and prepare for future challenges.

- Jim Rennie (Senior Program Manager)

Knowledge Management

Pioneering Evolution offers comprehensive knowledge management services, including: database design and development; architecting, development, and maintenance of integrated data environments; authoring and automating of Data Management Plans; design, development, and integration of custom data management and reporting tools.

Systems Engineering

We are responsible for project initiatives and design changes for cost/schedule impacts at the system level. We perform classic plan-driven requirements engineering; assuring best engineering practices are applied across the program; performing system designs, developments and product verification; and develop verification plans based on requirements and architecture documents.

Systems Engineering

Our Systems Engineering and Knowledge Management process improvements and the information technologies used to automate and streamline those process improvements, give decision makers and analysts the capability to identify and focus on major technical and programmatic issues, early enough to be able to positively affect the outcomes.

- Rich Todaro (Director of Resources and Senior Systems Engineer)

Lifecycle Support

We provide manpower planning, recruiting and retention, personnel policy, and training development at the highest levels including HSI activities and integrated logistics support planning. The focus of our work includes analyzing doctrine; system and mission requirements; organizational structure; and the manpower, personnel, and training requirements to achieve a system(s) intended operational capability.

IT Infrastructure Support

We offer end-to-end management of mission critical infrastructure following a service oriented approach, thus delivering seamless IT support to our clients. We do this by analyzing, modifying, and maintaining enterprise solutions, systems, and interfaces. We work closely with Government process owners to analyze existing enterprise solutions, develop detailed functional requirements based on customer and user feedback, and implement those requirements into a suite of scalable web-based tools that can either stand alone or work with existing applications.