Pioneering Evolution

Integrated ERP Tracking & Reporting

Customer issue:

Customer issue: Customers of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems often find that there are many limitations to the way data is structured, updated, and reported. Sometimes this is due to enterprise-wide business rules; sometimes it is due to the fact that big enterprise software products are often “one size fits all” solutions that don’t actually fit precisely.

Sometimes things are arranged to primarily meet the needs of a certain set of stakeholders, and the arrangement is not ideal for other parts of the organization. As a result, financial analysts and technical leads need to extract different sets of reports and manually stitch them together in Excel to make the data meaningful.

This process is time-consuming, error-prone, and inflexible.

Pioneering Evolution Solution:

We created an application that provides an intuitive, flexible way to tie together the many separate data points coming from the ERP system, along with other data environments (such as a separate task planning tool), and create dashboards, graphs, and reports that provide meaningful, big-picture information.

Our “ERP Extender” app allows users to define their organization and reporting needs in whichever ways make the most sense for their requirements. The app imports data from ERP systems and other systems, walks users through a one-time mapping to align the external data structures to their user-defined reporting structure, and from then on, automatically updates the dashboards and reports to reflect the latest data from the various systems-of-record, but in a friendly, intuitive way that is aligned to their data analysis needs.

We have developed a variety of predictive algorithms to allow users to compare different forecasting scenarios and to identify issues while there is still time to solve them. Easy-to-configure user permissions and roles ensure that people only see the data they need to see.