Pioneering Evolution

Program Support Module (Automating the PPBE Process)

Customer issue:

The Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) Mission Modules (MM) program executes hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development funds annually.

The LCS MM program, and other various organizations throughout the Department of Defense, must plan and defend multiple budget submissions throughout the fiscal year, and provide a periodic status of execution against the plan.

Each submission requires thorough input from each functional and product-driven department in the organization. LCS MM program management was requesting inputs from these departments in a single Word document shared via email communications.

Leadership in the program struggled with the inefficiencies of aggregating all inputs, version control and more importantly, ensuring all departments were hand-in-hand with their goals and objectives as many of them required support and integration from one another.

Pioneering Evolution Solution:

In response to the government’s request, we designed and developed a suite of interactive tools that use a common database architecture to aggregate various program management data into actionable information across business and financial management, systems engineering and logistics.

The plug-and-play functionality allows for clients to customize their own requirements while the modular and flexible nature of the framework allows for new modules to be implemented in an agile, iterative fashion.