Pioneering Evolution

Workforce Tracker

Customer issue:

Our customer maintained multiple “personnel tracking” excel spreadsheets to track all personnel with varying associated attributes that support the organization. The data captured in these spreadsheets are used to respond to multiple data requests both internally and externally as well as provide data inputs into the yearly manpower estimate. Many work hours are used to ensure the spreadsheets are up-to-date and contain the appropriate data.

There is an issue with version control and assurance that the data contained in each of the spreadsheets is latest and is correct requiring multiple validation actions across the organization on a recurring basis.

Pioneering Evolution Solution:

We provided an automated capability to track all personnel directly supporting the organization, including those individuals matrixed into the organization from elsewhere. Data captured and tracked includes (but is not limited to): Name of organization, Qualifications and knowledge/skills/abilities; Percent utilization; Organizational alignment; Contact information; Training Certifications and expiration dates.

Link to actual tasks and subtasks in the Workload Planning Tool that the personnel are supporting (and what level of effort). Data fields are dynamic (not hard-coded) so program staff can add more data fields to track as program requirements evolve.

It is a substantial enhancement that includes: Live, real-time link to the Workload Planning Tool, allowing staff to quickly identify staffing shortfalls or overages; Real-time online capability — easier collaboration and no worry about configuration management issues (i.e. do I have the latest version of this spreadsheet?); Permission- and role-based — you can only see and edit personnel based on your permission, and visibility of data is controlled by the Program Office; Substantial reduction in manual effort to keep lists up-to-date — keeping the data updated becomes a collateral duty of the activity leads; Excellent reporting capability: program staff will be able to aggregate and report data by provider, capabilities, types of tasks worked on (e.g. work breakdown structure and organization), and any other data field tracked; Dashboards and metrics for program leadership to view the status of program staffing and quickly identify any issues.