Pioneering Evolution

Workload Planning and Cost Estimation

Customer issue:

The annual workload planning and cost estimating processes varied throughout the organization, with each division coming up with their own templates and spreadsheets for developing the detailed, bottom-up cost estimates that would be used to determine the full requirement to manage a large scale program.

The disparate processes made it difficult to create reports or gather metrics across the organization, and stakeholders were frustrated that they would be confronted with inconsistent methodologies depending on who they contacted within the respective organizations.

Additionally, different parts of the organization were at different levels of maturity when it came to task planning—some had rigorous (although inconsistent with each other) processes, while some organizations provided “back-of-the-napkin” estimates to their stakeholders.

Pioneering Evolution Solution:

We developed and implemented the Workload Planning / Program Management Tool, a web-based application used to track and manage workload planning and execution, track program status, milestones, and progress, and integrate with execution data from the Navy’s Enterprise Resource Planning tool (developed by SAP).

The Workload Planning / Program Management Tool provides our customers and their supporting organizations with the ability to import, export, and extract data and to automatically translate the data into custom reports, tables, and graphs. This flexibility allows for creative data analytics and visualization.

We provide acquisition and process improvement expertise to improve the internal planning processes used by the acquisition organizations to effectively plan and execute their work. We also provide in-depth user training, in multiple formats: online, remote, one-on-one, and classroom. Under this contract, Pioneering Evolution assists the organizations with the development and documentation of business practices and business rules. The business processes and automated tools interoperate with each other, as well as with existing legacy business tools, including Navy ERP and Microsoft Project.