Pioneering Evolution

Quality assurance program

Pioneering Evolution management approach

Pioneering Evolution’s management approach is to provide the Navy with superior quality Engineering, Technical and Programmatic support service in the areas of Information Systems (IS), Information Technologies (IT), Training and Program Support while maximizing cost reduction through continues process improvement. Pioneering Evolution has a proven track record of providing the most intuitive solutions while delivering cost saving to NAVSEA Headquarters, Program Executive Offices and Naval Warfare Centers.

Integrated professional support services within and across the Navy and/or Marine Corps to institute best practices throughout and realize cost savings

Pioneering Evolution’s executive management team brings over 30 years of experience managing highly skilled Engineers, Technicians, Analysts, and Logisticians in all aspects of program and project management. Pioneering Evolution is a proven leader in the areas of program management through policy development, performance measurement and training.   Pioneering Evolution only employs the most qualified employees to meet our clients’ needs. Pioneering Evolution has an established and unique approach to integrate information, people and processes across Naval Surface Warfare Center and NAVSEA Headquarters through our online management tools. These tools standardize and integrate Program Offices and Warfare Center processes into a common business model; reduce touch time and increase throughput; provide forecasting of cost, schedule and performance; and reduce overall program cost. These consolidated business solutions integrate data, improves information management, provides work-flow, business process management and risk management into an integrated program manager’s tool kit. Our solutions focus on eliminating geographical barriers to increase efficiencies and productivity.

Approach to mold, manage and maintain this effort

Capability to manage this effort

In managing the efforts as described in N00178-10-R-4000, Pioneering Evolution will use effective two-way communication, leadership guidance, micro and macro business models, processes, and tools to manage the business operations of the contract. Pioneering Evolution employs innovative strategies along with providing methods to evaluate each project to find the most innovative solution which maximizes cost avoidance and cost savings to the government. Our technical solution leverages like efforts to minimize cost and focus the development dollars on the “truly” unique aspects of the job. Details of our management approach are:

  • Work with Government leadership to fully understand and document all requirements and objectives
  • Review the needs/requirements from the users perceptive and brainstorm potential solutions
  • Develop low cost mock-ups (prior to development) of the solution set and process flow diagrams to achieve the objective
  • Conduct market surveys and industry research to find the best value that achieves the project objectives
  • Explore the open source software and IT solution when the requirements permit
  • Use in-progress reviews with the government to evaluate status and present recommendations
  • Drive for commonality across programs, looking for opportunities to amortize cost across like efforts to reduce overall cost to the government
  • Maximize reuse whenever possible
  • Use Integrated Product Teams (IPT) composing of Government and industry partners with cross functional disciplines to work together to identify and resolve issues, and make sound and timely recommendations to better facilitate decision making
  • Establish and mature management frameworks and methodologies that produces solid and measurable results

Manage change and maintain technical workforce

Pioneering Evolution’s ability to manage change to preserve stability and maintain technical expertise in the workforce derives from our corporate vision. Pioneering Evolution’s workforce has specialized education and professional experience supporting NAVSEA and Warfare Centers. We carefully select each individual to ensure the highest qualified, most well-rounded individuals to join our team. Pioneering Evolution is building from within as we continue to grow, providing our employees increased compensation and continuing incentive to ensure the highest levels of workforce retention. Reinforcing this professionalism, we provide our employees with educational, career-enhancing opportunities so they can grow with the company.

Monitor and maximize quality

For a contract of this size, quality takes on a much different perspective. Pioneering Evolution uses the following guidelines to monitor quality:

  • Prior to the start of every task order, the Project Manager will review all requirements and timelines with the government to ensure the fullest understanding
  • Monthly progress reports will be provided to the government detailing current progress, issues being worked and potential program risk. The monthly reporting process ensures that the necessary performance measurement information is readily available to the government.
  • Performance Assessment reports will be given to all government technical and program manager quarterly
  • Any deficiencies identified by the government will be addressed in a “corrective action plan” that will be presented to the government for review and consensus
  • Project Managers will conduct impromptu technical reviews with their development team to ensure the high quality standards are continually followed

In addition to internal reviews, our Project Managers will hold Quarterly Execution Reviews (QERs). The QER will be attended by key program personnel from the program office, field activities, government partners, and contractors to measure performance of cost, schedule, and technical performance, including risk management to focus on program objectives and obligations.

Approach to guarantee responsiveness to and cooperation with customers

Responsiveness and cooperation with our customer is fundamental to our business model. Responsiveness and cooperation are our products. Pioneering Evolution will rely on a deep commitment to professionalism that is demonstrated in our management approach. We rely on open and honest discussions with our customers to build two-way communication and feedback loops. We will use tools to create interaction, including asking for feedback through our customer surveys. We will incorporate this feedback into our monthly progress reports and our QER reviews. In every case, we will define success by the satisfied NAVSEA willingness to entrust us with additional work.

1.1. Approach to problem resolution

Risk and issues are inherent with any project, Pioneering Evolution continually assess risks and develops migration strategies to help the program avoid being derailed. Risk management is an ongoing process that continues throughout the life cycle over every project. All individuals within the organization are responsible for risk and problem identification and resolution within their areas. In addition, Pioneering Evolution utilizes continuous assessment of performance, cost and schedule to identify problems early and develop contingency plans as required. Our contingency plans look to pre-empt the risk prior to it becoming a problem. Once a problem has been identified, Pioneering Evolution uses systematic problem solving methods to investigate and provide a detailed response, including corrective action, to the government. Pioneering Evolution’s problem resolution process encourages our government counterparts to share any risk or problem with the organization, so that we can make every effort to resolve it. These efforts include:

  • Documenting the risk or problem
  • Identify the urgency and prioritize the risk or problem
  • Inform all stakeholders
  • Develop migration and/or contingency plan(s)
  • Provide Government Leadership status and feedback reports until the risk is retired or the problem has been overcome