Pioneering Evolution

Job Code Authorization Management

Customer issue:

We, at Pioneering Evolution LLC, had an internal need to track labor hours and cost distributions across multiple internal and external projects.

Program and project managers needed a tool to better manage charge code assignments and burn-rates across different contract types (Cost Plus, Time & Material and Fixed Price). Without a common centralized tool, each manager was forced to track their own data in individual excel spreadsheets.

Additionally, managers were informing their staff on work assignments and charge codes via a signed Word Document.  This limited our ability to track hours utilization by employee across multiple contracts and limited our ability to respond quickly to fluctuations in ongoing or new contract requirements.

Pioneering Evolution Solution:

We developed a web-based application to manage our Job Code Authorizations and add some rigor to the process along the way.

The app provides a means for the people managing contracts and burn rates to authorize hours for resource managers to assign to employees. Managers can then monitor the burn of those hours and manage the workload for each employee.

This application provides early insight into situations where employees are burning through contract hours faster or slower than planned and alerts those who need to be made aware so that the appropriate changes can be made.

It provides employees and managers appropriate access to the charge codes and usage and the statements of work associated with the hours assigned – all in one place in an easy to use, clean user interface.